Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Sundaikkai (Turkey Berry)

A small sudaikkai sapling picked up from the wayside and transplanted into our small home garden quickly grew into a big lush tree, profusely flowering and fruiting. My amma, neighbour Lakshmi and I have been experimenting with sundaikkai recipes. Isha watches on and sometimes participates.

Isha and her paatti separating the fruits from the stalks, while having their conversations. We've been harvesting this much once every to weeks for the past couple of months.  

Sundaikkai Vatthal 
I've grown up seeing sundaikkai vatthal being used every time someone at home had loose motion. It is also supposed to be very effective in eradicating intestinal worms. 

Displaying IMG_20160424_094337733.jpgSundaikkai Vathakkal Displaying IMG_20160424_094337733.jpg
Soak sundaikkai in salt water for 2 days. (This can be refirgerated). When you want to use it, pour sesame oil in kadaai, pour some of the soaked sundaikkai along with some salt water and shallow fry. Great to have with warm rice. 

Sundaikkai Paruppusili

Google and find out the recipes. There are a whole bunch of other recipes like kootu and poriyal that you will find too!       

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priya s said...

Hi.nice to see..nowadays many kids dont even know this..pls try this famous chettinad recipe..sundakkai pachadi..one of the best ways to eat sundakkai.. http://solaiachiskitchen.blogspot.in/2009/10/chundakkai-pachadi-or-sundakkai-pachadi.html?m=1