Monday, August 17, 2015

Midwives of the New World

In the recent times, some of us have been witnessing a leap in the number of individuals and communities seeking to pursue HEALING. 

Some are seeking to understand and redefine their relationships with their bodies through organic and wholesome food, yogasana and pranayama, traditional systems of medicine, and other means.

Some are seeking to reestablish their lost connection with the earth through gardening.

Some are seeking to take their emotional healing into their own hands through inner work.

Some are seeking to redefine their ownership of their talents and resources, by offering them as gifts to serve life. 

Some are seeking to unlearn the dominant ways of our industrial culture, starting by taking their children out of school or leaving their corporate jobs.

Some are seeking to participate and co-create a more sacred economy that is based on relationships, trust and abundance. 

Organisations are seeking to redefine their visions in ways that are more life-affirming, to distribute power more equally, and to develop a work culture that is based more on cooperation and trust. 

Communities are seeking more authentic and harmonious ways of being, by learning how to share and listen to each other more courageously and compassionately. 

That we are the edge of a significant leap in consciousness, is evident from the growing number of people who sign up for workshops that facilitate any of the above. My conviction comes from personally and closely witnessing this through the spaces that I am associated with over the years.

I am blessed to have in my life, so many friends who have undertaken this journey towards healing. They have each struggled through life in disempowering family / work contexts, searched  in various places, found inspiration, found tools for healing and empowerment, connected with their callings, found their paths, and are journeying on them. And in their journeys, they are experiencing more and more healing with each step they take. 

These are ordinary people like you and me, who still go through everyday struggles, who are still entrenched in old habit patterns, who still have unmet needs, who are still hurting from old wounds, who still have pain that they are yet to connect with. But what makes them leaders is that 
- they recognise, acknowledge and embrace all of these, bringing awareness to their own judgment about them,
- they consciously decided to step out of the 'blame' cycle and own up their pain and their healing,
- they recognise that they have a long way to go, themselves, (long way does not mean long time)
- they recognise that we need to come together as groups in order to fully heal, and
- they have allowed themselves to be profoundly impacted by the insights and experiences they have had so far, and have assimilated and integrated them as much as they could. 

The delight and freedom that they experience through their journeys is so much that they decided to make their lives about sharing what they are seeing, what they are learning, how they are healing, inviting and working with others who would like to embark on similar journeys. They all love their sacred work of facilitating healing, and come alive doing it.

This is a humble effort in putting together a 'Directory on Healing' to be used by individuals and collectives that this invitation speaks to.  

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