Monday, January 31, 2011

Not all... Sometimes...

Not all those who wander are lost.
Sometimes wandering can be deeply purposeful.

Not all those who leave are cowards.
Sometimes leaving can be an act of tremendous courage.

Not all those who drop their bags are weary.
Sometimes dropping them can spring out of energy drawn from clarity about the meaninglessness of carrying some of them.

Not all those who sit around doing nothing are self-absorbed.
Sometimes doing nothing can be an act of unlimited responsibility.

Not all those who are harsh are violent.
Sometimes being harsh can be an act of non-violence and deep compassion.

Not all those who break down and cry are weak.
Sometimes crying can come from a space of a lot of strength.

And it is those, and only those, who are wandering, leaving, dropping, doing nothing, being harsh, breaking down and crying, who know whether their action comes out of wisdom or pain.


Naveen said...

beautiful! :)

priya said...


Prudhwija said...

really a thought provoking one! liked it!

Kavitha said...

I loved this Sangi - comes at a time when I really needed to read something that I connected with. Visiting your blog after so long... I feel like I've sorely missed out all these days.