Monday, November 30, 2009


Seems like eons now
wearing the robes of a goody mother, daughter, d-i-l, and wife,
one after another.
Sometimes, one over another!

I look at my feet and they whisper
"How about wandering aimlessly!?"
I look at my hands and they whisper
"How about splashing some bright colours on the canvas!?"
I look into my eyes in the mirror and they whisper
"How about gazing into the night sky in total solitude!?"

After a brief silence
my whole being screams yearningly.
"How about dancing with the universe,
and loving life in a whole new way!?"


Naveen said...


Czar said...


Isn't that the most beautiful thing that one can have?

Sangeetha Sriram said...

absolutely czar!

Anonymous said...

this may not be pertinent to your post, but please do watch and pass on the word.

thank you.

Some of us speak in cliches. Some of us love. said...

Yeah! Why not! I am going out now to take one more look at the moon! Thanks!