Monday, May 12, 2008


After years and years of my smart mind wondering...

What is praying all about?
Who is this 'God' that one prays to?
Isn't it so stupid that you need to pray to the all-knowing, intelligent, unconditionally loving 'God' to 'change something for you, to give you something'? I mean, wouldn't that God already know what is needed to be changed or given? Then, what difference does the 'praying' make? Wouldn't it be like saying, 'God, just in case you didn't notice this, here look!'?

... I read Marianne Williamson’s beautiful words from her heart.

Today, I say there is nothing more important in life than praying. When I say nothing, I really mean ‘nothing at all’.

I continued to read her. Book after book. Her blog.

And I realized something.

Most of the whole wide world has got it all wrong.

God is not about something or someone out there that is watching us from a distance, judging and keeping records. There is just nothing in this universe that is not God.

Prayer is not about telling God to change things for us. Prayer is about ‘asking’, and in that asking ripping open our minds and our hearts

… to receive God’s grace, that is floating around everywhere.

… to allow miracles to happen in our lives.

… to be touched by the divine.

… with the unswerving intent and commitment to seek the truth about who we are, about what life is, about everything.

… to see eye to eye our ignorance, our madness, our ailments, our fears.

… to surrender our anger, frustrations, guilt, hatred, hurt and disappointments to be transformed into pure love.

… to tap into God’s wisdom about life and living.

… to plug into a world where everything is one.

… to allow God to use us as an instrument to fulfill life’s highest purpose.

It is about silencing our minds, so that we can hear God’s whispers.

Anything other than this, I feel, is not prayer.

It is merely our stupid attempt at a transaction, that God will simply have a good laugh at.

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